Binance Smart Chain Video and iGaming Platform


BSC Games is a video and i-gaming platform on the Binance Smart Chain hence the name BSC Games, the concept behind BSC Games is to turn gaming from just leisure activity to a cash cow. .

BSC Games will redefine the idea of online betting and casino generally by offering peer to peer competitive board and video games. Players will be able to play for leisure and at the same time compete against each other to earn in board games like snooker, scrabble, ludo and lots more. Also video games such as car racing, combat, shooting and strategy games and many others. Sport games like soccer, tennis and so many fun filled games.


Gamers and users on BSC Games platform will have three major means of making money on the platform.
1. By playing the casino games offered such as baccarat, roulette and more to be introduced later.
2. By playing against other players on the platform in the available peer to peer games and participating in cryptolympic tournaments that will be hosted on the platform from time to time in which BSCG Token will be used as game currency.
3. Holders of BSCG Token will be able to earn BNB by simply staking their token. The earned BNB will be coming from a share of the platform's profit distributed to token holders.



Token shall give token holder voting right on governance issues as may arise.

Token shall be used to distribute some of the platform profit to token holder who have fulfilled the condition for profit distribution.

Token shall be used alongside BNB as the platform gaming and contest currencies.



    Q1-Q2 2021

    Ground work on project setup and scout for partnership and collaborations


    Q3 2021

    IFO and launch of platform operations with casino games


    Q4 2021

    Launch of peer to peer gaming, mobile gaming and tournaments and acquisition of necessary licenses



    Progressive development and expansion of platform with more partnerships.